Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Liar, Liar

Women and their false indifference, prancing around with their fake faces and their fake bodies in their fake clothes and shoes; fake eyes, fake nails, fake skin, fake hair. What the hell is going on?

Men, today, are constantly accused of lying. They are said to be dishonest “dogs.” It is assumed that most of what men say are lies and most women are loath to trust them. Popular media and marketing perpetuate this conception through movies, TV shows, and advertisements. The argument to the truth or fallacy of this topic is not the point I’m driving at. Quite the opposite in fact. I intend to bring forward the notion that women’s deceitful nature is so pervasive in our society that little thought is given to their culpable dereliction of virtue and verity. I contend that women are deceitful, conniving, devious, cunning, mendacious, crafty, treacherous, fraudulent, prevaricating, dubious, dissimulating, and misrepresentative creatures. From the moment they leave the house they are willfully, consciously, purposely, and with premeditation feinting their true appearance and character. Nearly every single physical attribute of a woman is a decisive, willful, deliberate, and outright lye.

The skin care/beauty products industry is such a multi-billion dollar industry that women, or girls for that matter, really don’t even have a chance. From well before they could even read women have been bombarded with media generated stereo types of what the beautiful woman ideal is. They are no less than brainwashed into thinking that to be a real woman they have to look, act, and be a certain way. Their reaction, then, is only to be expected. They dye their hair, burn their skin, and cake and mould their face with any number of pour concealing colored putty and dust. They insert color altering apparatus in their eyes, apply numerous sheen and form enhancing products to their hair, glue pieces of plastic to their finger nails and paint them, glue who-knows-what to their eyelids to “extend” their lashes, and weave someone else’s hair into their own for more length, shape, and/or “body.”

Next, of course, comes the clothing. Starting with nylons, pantyhose, or stalkings, whatever you want to call them. These are designed to conceal the shape, color, and feel of the skin and lower body. The panties, again, may help with “shape control,” and if not then they reveal as much as possible without being entirely pointless. And oh the bras. Every type of lifting, pushing, pulling, adding, sliming, concealing, water, gel, and padding enhanced breast sling you can possibly imagine is being produced, sold, bought, and worn. The jeans and/or pants have to be just the right cut. Every woman has her brand and model; that one that fits just so, it slims and accentuates in all the right places. Shirts, too, come in every waist, hip, breast and shoulder enhancing form and configuration you can possibly think of; now even the back is being exhibited with the backless shirt. Oh and certainly don’t forget about dresses. Every manner of shape and size dress is available to blur or accentuate any feature of a woman. Super short mini skirts and shorts are designed to reveal the lean long legs which are, in turn, made to look even leaner and longer with ultra high heeled shoes. More than just high heels now are the platform shoes and super thick soled flip-flop, boot, and every incarnation of the shoe imaginable. The true height of a woman is not even discernable upon first appraisal any more. I won’t even go into the boundless realm of accessories; it would be much to exhausting. You get the point, I think, by now. Finally you have the perfume, the ultimate scent coverall. I do, however, want to bring to mind the extensive body modifications such as tattooing and piercings that so many young women also conceal, or in some cases display, in these modern times. In the same category, although more extreme, are the surgical modifications. Everything from chemical peals and botox injections to collagen injection, nose jobs, eye lift, butt lift, breast lift, face lift, pubic lift, cheek implant, chin implant, breast implant, liposuction, tummy tuck, and even labia reduction and hymen correction; are you kidding me? She can even lie about being a virgin?! There is just no telling what manner of alteration a woman has made to her body. As a society I think we are beginning to realize these lies and start to assume that most, or at least many, very beautiful women were not actually born that way, but rather designed it, planned it, and paid for it. At the very least, it comes out of a can, bottle, box, or compact. So modern culture and media has not only perverted woman’s own opinion of herself, but everyone else’s opinion of her as well.

Even a woman’s attitude and demeanor is false. She walks around all pushed up and sucked in, wearing spandex-tight figure hugging clothes, super high heels, ultra short skirts, and extremely low cut blouses. Flipping her hair this way and that, she shakes her rear just so as she walks, and all the while pretending to be indifferent to the glances, looks, stares, comments, calls, and remarks; acting entirely as if this isn’t the exact response she intended to elicit. When she does react it’s in shock, disgust, surprise, repulsion, offence, or agitation; as though she just can’t believe a man would say, act, think, or do such things. Just another counterfeit scheme, one of many woman plucks from her bag of tricks. She says she does not like the attention, or she does not want the attention; however, attention is the whole point of the exercise. If she didn’t care whether anyone looked or what they thought about her, she wouldn’t go through the trouble. The whole point would be moot.

Furthermore, once past this initial fallacious reaction to our response she still maintains a façade. Acting quiet and demure or however else she thinks she should act or a man would want her to act. She eats very little, speaks very politely, and doesn’t voice any opinion of any topic. She strokes man’s ego and tells him what he wants to hear. She assures him she thoroughly enjoys his company, his friends, and his family. Then, when he’s firmly in her grip, she springs the trap and out comes the true identity. The criticisms, the opinions, the voracious appetite, the bed hair, the no make-up face woman she really is all blooms before you. These days I suppose it is to be expected; the challenge, then, is to try to see past all this and guess which of them will meet your expectations even after the façade has been lifted.

In closing, every relationship is started on false pretences due to women constantly and consistently deceiving men with an unrealistic portrait of themselves. In a society lead wholly by media, marketing, and advertisement these women are conditioned to act in this manner; it is not entirely their own doing. However, it is up to them alone to bring this practice to an end. Habits and behaviors are the hardest things to change; the requisite tools are knowledge and desire. In other words, they have to want to change and then know how to do it; however, I don't see the “want to” happening anytime in the near future. So women will go on living this fallacy, and men will go on finding out, sometimes too late, she’s not who he thought she was.


At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, some men are so extremely shallow that they are attracted to women who display themselves and their fake boobs in push-up bras, platform shoes, and so very short skirts. These men may not be looking for long-term companionship and most likely, neither are the girls to whom they are attracted.

Secondly, as a woman who does not practice any of these fallacies, I am disgusted by the fact that society leads me to believe that I must be overly-concerned with my appearance or else I will never be attractive to any man. Unfortunately, I am seeing that this is true.

Everyone seems to think I'm hot-stuff when they see the pictures from my recent trip to Glamour Shots, but that's all smoke and mirrors. Any compliments I receive are not compliments directed to me, but rather to the makeup artist, the photographer, and the graphic artist who air-brushed away all of my God-given flaws.

This is just another reason why I don't like people who lie, women especially, because they ruin it for the rest of us girls who just want to be ourselves.

At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention...

Women will never change their vain habits because, under all the layers of makeup and fancy clothes, they have low self-esteem and they feel more confident when they are made-up.

Women will never change their vain habits because they think it's fun to apply makeup and shop for fancy clothes.

Women will never change their vain habits because no matter how much men complain about it, they really do like it.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Musings of a Demented Mind said...

Actually I've never heard any man complain about any of this. These are my simple observations, however true they may be. In fact I don't think most men even think of it in these terms. They don't even realize what hit them most of the time. They just think the woman has suddenly changed. That’s why you hear so many men talk about their "crazy" ex's.

Yes, some men are that shallow. For the same reason women like to apply the facade, men look for it. Our society encourages it and, further, advances this behavior.

At any rate, there is one more part to this post which I purposely left out in order to play devils advocate and see what type of responses it would illicit. So watch for "Liar, Liar - Continued"


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