Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lawn Care

1” per week over two to three applications
Water between 4-6am for best efficiency and lawn health

Cut lawn 2/3 the length of the blade of grass. Too short can lead to sunburn/death or fungus/death.
If you don’t have/use a mulching mower you must bag or rake the lawn. Unmulched grass cuttings will smother the lawn.

Fall Care-
Core aerate the lawn. This relieves compaction and allows moisture and nutrients into the soil.
Also you can spread compost over the lawn.

Spring Care-
Thatch your lawn. Doing this in the spring ensures you are not taking out any new growth.
This is the time to perform a soil test to check the PH of your lawn. Knowing the acidity allows you to adjust with the use of lime as necessary.
This is also the time to fertilize and re-seed as necessary. Note that if you are seeding and fertilizing simultaneously, make sure you use a fertilizer rated for new seed.

When composting grass clippings, mix them with leaves or other material because grass by itself takes a very long time to compost.
Your compost bin should allow air from all sides.
Many cities have compost bin projects where you can purchase a bin at a discount.


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