Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gene, Gene The Pumpkin Man!

I grew up singing a song about Gene the Pumpkin Man, as did many kids from southwest Michigan, on my family's yearly pilgrimage to the farm of folklore and I'm grateful to be able to share and pass this beloved tradition from my childhood on to my young son and family;
"Gene, Gene the Pumpkin Man,
Has the best pumpkins in the land.
They're all spread out far as you can see,
And I get to pick one just for me!"

It's fall in Michigan...and that means pumpkins! And no one has more pumpkins than Gene the Pumpkin Man! If you haven't visited this location, you need to. It's a unique, experience and one of the funnest fall attractions in Southwest Michigan. Gene the Pumpkin Man is known for his overzealous devotion to all that is orange, including his Cadillac car, many of the contents in his home, and his orange barn with the giant “Gene the Pumpkin Man” sign, which is visible from M-43, the highway the farm borders.
The farm is open to the public mid-September through November and visitors can pick their own pumpkins. Thousands of customers visit the farm buying about 200 tons of pumpkins a year to celebrate fall and to carve jack-o-lanterns to celebrate Halloween on October 31.

Gene the pumpkin man is a Kalamazoo institution! Gene Rhodes is one of the nicest, most kind, interesting, personable, and generous characters you'll meet in your lifetime.
He loves meeting the people who come to his farm and he'll spend as much time talking and getting to know you and your family as you are willing to spend.

As far as prices go, This year we got five pumpkins a dozen gourds a container of honey all for twenty-five dollars! That's what we paid for two medium pumpkins at Bengstons last year in Chicago...

Great farm, great man, great experiences...

Gene and his farm are also the subject of a children's book; available from Amazon.

Located about five and a half miles west of US131 Kalamazoo, MI on M43 (Main Street)

Open 10 am – 8 pm from mid-September through November 1.

Phone: (269) 668-2952
Address: 22637 M 43 Highway
West Kalamazoo, MI 49009

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