Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Quit!

Looks like I've missed a post or two. No matter, I'm not going to get hung up on details. Since my last post, some events have come to pass. Most of all I quit my job. I started working at Wayside West on April 23rd, 2001 and I quit on Wednesday November 2, 2005. The reason? Management, apparently, no longer believes in either ethics or employee appreciation. Not only is work performance not rewarded, but it’s not even recognized. Promotions? Promotions are granted through friendship. Those who hang out with, drink with, play golf with, and generally cohort with the management are those same who are promoted within the company. So after years of watching this conduct and being passed up for promotion time after time by those less qualified and less deserving, by work performance, I finally gave in to my better judgment. For years I knew I should get out, that I was never going to get anywhere with this company. But I’m an idealist, I believe in the ultimate good and fairness of all people. I told myself that if I just keep working hard and doing my job the best, they will recognize it and reward me finally for my diligence and loyalty. WRONG! “I know this now, and I’m payin’ the price…” I got fed up, I got mad, and I quit without thinking ahead. I was planning on quitting this month anyway but I was waiting until I had another job lined up first. You know… The sensible thing to do. But I was caught up in a wave of emotion and acted impulsively, perhaps. With no notice, over the pone, I quit an hour before my scheduled time the first day of the week I was scheduled. Then I went to the bar to have a drink, the same bar I just quit. It was, I must say, priceless. Insult to injury. It was beautiful! Regular customers and co-workers alike were shocked. No one saw it coming, all were stunned, and some were disappointed. But ultimately I am very happy with my decision.


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